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Outdoor Cooler/Freezer installation.  Install included new concrete slab, ramp, and pads for Refrigeration.Floor trough installation. Replaced floor drains with trough, grouted and tiled.Replaced flight type dish machine with rack conveyor. Full installation included new tables and duct work.Before and after pictures.  Top: Future dish room / Completed dish room.  Bottom:     Future steam cooking line up / Completed steam cooking line up.
Installation/fabrication of 12 pan serving line to serve into chow hall.Storage garage transformed into Culinary Arts Kitchen.Storage garage transformed into Culinary Arts Kitchen.Need a bigger doorway?  Get rid of the door frame.
Aluminum transport container for grease.L shaped pot and pan sink.  Fabricated into two pieces, field welded and installed.Stainless steel flashing on columns and 1/2 wall.  Fabricated on site with the extra material we had.Replaced gas line, fabricated/installed small floor trough, installed two 40 gallon tilt skillets.
Before and after pictures.  Top: Future dish return window / Completed dish return window.Marine edge prep stables fabricated and installed perfectly.The Shiny dish room.  Fabricated & installed everything.Late night clean up before morning inspection by the health department.
Don't look at the light!  Yes, we weld.Fabrication / Installation of new tables.  Live kitchen on the other side of the walls.Unpackaging and putting things in place.Fabricated stainless steel cabinet for chow hall trash containers.
A small dish machine area FSUSA fabricated and installed.  We are waiting for the ceiling.Erecting a walk-in cooler/freezer combo.Installation of new cook line up as part of a kitchen expansion.Rack conveyor dish machine installation and the fabrication of soiled and clean dish tables.
Another late night after the lights had been shut off for the day.  We are one of the first subcontractors to arrive and ALWAYS the last to leave.Installation/Fabrication of a tray serving line.Before and after pictures.  Top: Serving line to small / Serving line not to small. Bottom: No trough in front of kettles / new trough in front of kettles.Outdoor walk-in installation.  Loading the shelving & dunnage into the unit, was a challenge.
Just finished hanging an exhaust hood and applying adhesive for the wall flashing.Installed a walk-in freezer into an old office.  Poured concrete ramp up to the door.Fabricated/Installed tables and dish machine into 10' x 8' room.New cooking line up and ice cold water.
Replacing 250 standard screws with security screws.Completed dish room.  Fabricated and installed everything.Photo shoot for custom aluminum three sided utility cart.Fabricated custom hot/cold tray assembly line.
Custom meal delivery cabinet exterior.  Unit holds beverages, trays, and cups.Custom meal delivery cabinet interior with stacked insulated trays.Custom fabricated Utensil Storage Cabinet.

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